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2023 Schedule



The Impact of Generative A.I. on the Legal Industry and How ChatGPT and Related Technologies Will Change the Way You Work as an Attorney

Tuesday, September 26, 2023, 1:00-2:00, Zoom

‘Generative AI’ is all the rage right now; and, everybody is experimenting with ChatGPT, for personal and business uses.  Some attorneys are using it to create bedtime stories for their kids, while other lawyers are experimenting with initial drafts of contract clauses.  ChatGPT is only in its nascent stages currently, however – and, the tech promises to become more expansive, more collaborative and more impressive over time. 


That’s assuming it doesn’t destroy the world first, as many science fiction novels and films presume it will. 


But, until then: let’s have some fun! 


In this presentation, we’ll welcome all your questions – but, we’ll plan to discuss some of the interesting things that you can use ChatGPT for, to help streamline your business, and save you time.  We’ll also cover some of the other AI tools that you could be using, as well as AI features that you’re currently using – maybe without even being aware of it!  


You Will Learn

  • What is generative AI and what does it mean for your law firm 

  • Six (6) current case uses for ChatGPT that you can experiment with right now 

  • Legal and business tools using generative AI that are currently available 

  • The future of generative AI in the legal vertical 



Jared D. Correia, Esq. , CEO | Red Cave Law Firm Consulting , COO | Gideon Software 


Josh Noffke, Esq., Principal | Noffke Law, Michigan



The Strategic Intersections of Guardianship & Divorce

Tuesday, October 17, 2023, The Screening Room, State Street

Newburyport, MA

The focus of this program is on divorce involving a spouse with diminished capacity. When these type of situations present, it is critical to consider the strategic use of the Domestic Relations Guardianship under MGL Ch. 208 versus the Probate Code Guardianship & Conservatorship under MGL Ch. 190B. The expert faculty delve into the considerations and analysis that these cases require.


Attend and Learn


  • How to apply the Professional Rules re Guardianships of Incapacitated Persons in a divorce and what are potential ethical dilemmas

  • What are the requirements of G.L. Chapter 190B Sec 5 regarding guardianships/conservatorships

  • How to proceed with a G.L. Chapter 208, Sec 15 guardian of incapacitated defendant in a divorce matter

  • What are the strategic practice differences in the statutes, and rules



Attorney Lisa M. Cukier, Burns & Levinson, Chairperson Attorney Jeffrey A. Soilson, Fitch Law Partners

Hon. Nan M. Sauer, Probate & Family Court

Hon. Jennifer M. Rivera Ulwick, Probate & Family Court


To register: guardianship-divorce

Conducting Direct & Cross Examinations of Family Law Experts

Thursday, November 2, 4-6:00, The Newburyport District Court, 188 State Street

Refresh and enhance your skills by attending this program that includes two direct and cross examinations of two witnesses: a GAL and a real estate expert. 


Presiding Judge--TBA

Expert Witnesses

  • Nicole C. Armstrong, Armstrong Law, Lowell, GAL

  • Susan Piracini, Certified Real Estate Divorce Expert, The Piracini Group, Chestnut Hill

Expert Lawyers

  • Alfred P. Farese, lll, North Shore Law Group, Middleton

  • Peter J. Jamieson, Hastings, Jamieson & Lipschutz Family Law Group LLP,

North Andover

  • Nicole M. Jorge, Casner & Edwards, Boston

  • Gary O. Todd, Todd & Weld, Boston


Ethical Concerns for GALs and P.C.s

Tuesday, November 14, 4-6:00 p.m.

The Garrison Inn, Brown Square, Newburyport

Recently concerns have been raised by those utilizing a GAL list serve regarding confidentiality. A member of the list serve has even been subpoenaed to testify. Do you know what you can and cannot do and say on list serves? This program will be an interactive discussion amongst GALs and P.C.s regarding the similarities and differences in those two roles and what should constitute best practices.


Attend & Learn:

  • What are the issues for those participating on list serves and/or consultation groups

  • How to participate and maintain confidentiality

  • What do team members supporting a family need to do to respect privilege and confidentiality

  • How to juggle multiple/sequential roles

  • Should you serve as a PC without formal appointment?


Expert Faculty

Attorney Judith N. Cowan, The Law Office of Judith N. Cowan, Danvers

Attorney Tony Pelusi, Jr., CPCC, North Andover

Attorney Demetria Pontisakos, Topsfield

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